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At Purple Unicorn career coaching, we specialize in providing bar-raising people support solutions to empower businesses and individuals alike.As your trusted partner, we take pride in offering personalized career coaching for professionals of all levels.

Whether you are launching your career, navigating transitions, or aiming for career advancement, our personalized coaching experts will unlock your full potential and guide you towards success.

Purple Unicorn Career Coaching FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Our career coaching process begins with a complimentary consultation to understand your specific career goals and challenges. Based on this information, we assign a coach who aligns to your industry, challenges, and ideal path forward. Together, you will customize a coaching plan to include regular one-on-one 60-minute sessions, personalized guidance, and on-going support as needed throughout the partnership timeline. For example, if you have an interview approaching, your coach may ask for an extra meeting that week for immersive interview prep. They will be in lock-step with you, beginning to end, and are equally as invested in your success.

Our regular coaching sessions are 60-minutes in length, however, we understand that everyone’s needs are unique, so session duration can be adjusted as needed.

Absolutely, career transitions and industry changes are areas of expertise for our coaches. They will help identify transferable skills, explore motivators, research new roles and industry requirements, and develop a targeted job search strategy. This is also another opportunity to leverage our existing network of professionals. Your coach will introduce leaders in your industry and align you with a mentor in your target field.

At Purple Unicorn we have a “meet you where you are” approach. Understanding that everyone’s career journey is unique, we customize a coaching plan to meet you where you need it most. They kick off the partnership with dialogue to gain a deep understanding of your motivators and challenges. We look at the big picture and support and guide our clients on a path that aligns to both professional and personal goals.

The cost of career coaching varies depending on the services selected, length of the partnership, and the customized needs of the individual. We offer different packages to accommodate various budgets and timelines. Please contact Jenni Smith ( to discuss pricing details.

Many of our clients come to us seeking guidance in defining their career goals or exploring different paths. Our career coaches are skilled at helping you gain clarity by uncovering your strengths, motivators, values, and career potential. We will work together to develop a concrete path to personal and professional balance.

Yes, we provide supplemental resources such as career assessment tools, interview guides, resume templates, and other relevant materials to support your career development journey. These resources are designed to complement your coaching sessions and empower you with valuable insights. 

Partnering with one of our coaches does not guarantee a job offer. Our team is highly skilled at navigating the career journey and preparing professionals of all levels for ‘what’s next’. They provide guidance, support, and strategies to enhance your job search and improve your chances of success. That said, one of those strategies includes ‘Networking’ and you’re well-connected coach will generously open their network of professionals to you throughout the partnership.

Yes! Our seasoned coaches provide many strategies and tips on effective networking. They also generously open their networks throughout the life cycle of the partnership for corporate and business leadership introductions. Furthermore, our career coaches can guide you on how to expand your professional network, leverage social media platforms, attend networking events, and build meaningful connections that can support your career growth. 

We have coaches dispersed across the United States and offer both in-person and virtual coaching sessions. Determination is based on client location and preference. 70% of our clients do coach virtually via video conference. Location aside, we make a conscious effort to meet every client in person a minimum of once.

Each one of our expert coaches bring a minimum of a decade of Fortune 500 Talent Acquisition and Development experience. Our team has alumni from such companies as Amazon, Ford, Microsoft, Chewy, Oracle, Uber, Saks Fifth Avenue Corp, Altria, and Hitachi. Along with experience, comes an extensive professional global network, which we never hesitate to open for our clients!

Each meeting is a ‘working session’ and incorporates at least one critical activity from your customized coaching plan. Sessions cover relevant topics like job search strategies, intensive interview preparation, career transitions, networking and introductions, professional development, and more. You may arrive for a session to find a hiring leader ready to ‘mock interview’ you or another coach joining for some critical role playing. We focus on your specific areas of opportunity and introduce the strategic coaching and diverse activities required to achieve your professional goals.

Your career coach will kick off the partnership by diving in…deep. They will ask the right questions and challenge you to uncover the root of the growth pause. Once identified, we build a transparent and measurable plan towards advancement. We will provide guidance on acquiring new skills, expanding your professional network, and developing a roadmap for career advancement. We will also review corporate messaging strategies, with the goal of bringing your current leader along for the journey, as appropriate. 

Yes. Providing the requested coach has bandwidth, our team is collectively dedicated to helping you achieve success.

Yes. We prioritize client confidentiality and maintain strict confidentiality standards. All information shared is kept strictly confidential unless requested by the client in writing.

With a dedicated session on Resume building, our career coaches provide guidance on crafting a compelling resume to avoid the resume ‘black hole’. Purple Unicorn recognizes the challenges posed by applicant tracking systems (ATS) and AI technology used in the hiring process. Our career coaches can provide insights and strategies to optimize your resume for ATS, ensuring it gets noticed by hiring managers. We can guide you on incorporating relevant keywords, formatting your resume effectively, and tailoring it to bypass automated screening. Additionally, if you have little to no experience, our coaches can offer tips on making your resume stand out in a competitive job market by emphasizing your unique skills and accomplishments. 

Absolutely, Purple Unicorn understands financial constraints may pose a challenge when considering a private coaching program. We have introduced a financing option to empower all individuals interested in learning more. If interested in exploring, please mention that during your free consultation and our team will walk you through options. In addition to Financing, we also offer payment plans, as needed. Our goal is to assist as many individuals as possible. We do not want finances to stand in the way of your next professional milestone.

Client experience is at the core of what we do and exceeding your expectations is our goal. However, if you are not fully satisfied, we encourage open communication to address any concerns or make necessary adjustments. Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we will always seek mitigation strategies if these unlikely events arise.

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